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NZminecraft - New Zealand Minecraft servers. Modded and vanilla Minecraft servers and a few other things here and there!

Yes we have discord! We use it to post updates for our servers

NZMinecraft Discord: Here

NZnetwork Discord: Here

For any servers that have reached old age and been taken offline, you can find the worlds here - Caution: Large file sizes

Click here

Our list of servers currently online

NZNetwork Vanilla Minecraft

nzminecraft.com or minecraft.nznetwork.co.nz

Listed on servers MOTD

5 sub servers (Bungeecord)

There are 0 players online.


Current version: ______

Modpack link: Click Here


Current version: _____

Modpack required to join

Modpack link: Click Here

[Offline]h4>Current Version: ______

Modpack required to join

Modpack link Click Here

Server Specs

Intel core i7 10700K

64gb DDR4 3200MHZ ram

100MBPS up and down internet connection (Fibre) - Enough for hundreds of players (49 players didn't even break 3MBPS)

Water cooled (Yeah!)

Lots of storage space, ssds etc!

Yes, this server does have RGB!